Release evasys v8.2

A new version of evasys is now available for current and new users of the system! This version 8.2 holds various new and improved functions.

For starters, the features of the new HTML report have been enhanced. Filtered results (such as the results of different groups) now may be compared with eachother in the diagrams of the report.

Furthermore, the VividForms Editor (for questionnaire design) offers better navigation and a WYSIWYG display of the design template for online surveys. Also, the filter settings of a questionnaire now allow to display or hide certain answer options (so not only complete questions) depending on how a previous question has been answered. A completely new feature concerning questionnaire design is the ‘Piping’ function: the text of a given answer may be reused in the question or answer texts of a following question.

In addition, the SSO (Single Sign On) configuration has been streamlined and the integration with learning managements systems such as Canvas has been made easier.

More details and other new features are presented in the What’s New document that may be downloaded here.

For more information or a demonstration of evasys v8.2, we are at your service!