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Reinforcing student engagement with the ‘Closing the Loop’ plug-in for evasys

Increasing student engagement is a challenge for many educational institutions. In the context of course evaluation, student engagement has different implications. When student engagement is low, response rates will be too. At the same time, student engagement – and therefore the response to course evaluations – will increase when participants receive proper feedback regarding course evaluations.

The Closing the Loop plug-in for evasys, developed by Consilium, facilitates the student feedback process and thus ‘closes the loop’ in the evaluation cycle, reinforcing student engagement.

Using the plug-in, course coordinators or teachers manage their feedback to students who have participated in a course evaluation or similar survey. After reviewing the evaluation results, feedback may be entered following a pre-defined template. Subsequently, the feedback report can be configured and distributed to the concerning survey participants.

Version 1 of the plug-in, compatible with evasys v9.1 or higher, is now available; Please contact us for the brochure with more information. If you feel ‘Closing the Loop’ may enhance your utilization of evasys, we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Ascension Day and Pentecost

In relation to Ascension Day and Pentecost our offices will remain closed on the following dates: 18, 19 and 29 May 2023. For urgent support issues we will keep an eye on the mailbox of our support desk (

evasys v9.1

A new version of evasys is now available: v9.1!

Possibly the most important renovations are of a technical nature; evasys’ programming language PHP has been updated to version 8.1, and the MySQL database to version 8.0. With these updates, (security) support by the producers is guaranteed up to November 2024 and December 2026, respectively.

Furthermore, the v9.1 version of evasys offers a variety of new features and improvements, amongst others concerning the ‘online survey template’, the scheduling of surveys via ‘Scheduled Tasks’ and the HTML reports.

For more information and documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us!

ConTest version 3.4

A new release of ConTest is now available for current and new users of the exam processing program. This version 3.4, amongst other things, offers an extension of the ‘Retention Service’ for the cleanup of old tests and student data, as well as an improvement in the verification of exam sheets. Furthermore, in this new version additional security measures have been taken and various fixes have been implemented.

Please contact us for the What’s New documentation and Release Notes. Of course we’d also be happy to give you a demo of ConTest v3.4!


Consilium will take an Easter break and our offices will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday (15 and 18 April). For urgent matters, please mail us at; we will keep an eye on the inbox.

We wish you all a happy Easter period.

Release ConTest v3.3

ConTest version 3.3 is now available!

This new release brings ConTest up-to-date with respect to data security and offers a few very interesting new functions. One of these is the ‘Retention Service’ that allows the clean-up of ConTest eliminating test and/or participant data older than x years automatically. Another new feature is a log and search function for imported student numbers which highly benefits managing the Participant Import.

In short, ConTest v3.3 is a security update with some new features and we recommend all users to upgrade their current version. And if you are not a ConTest user but interested in the automated processing, analysis and reporting of tests, then we’d be happy to introduce ConTest in more detail to you!

Christmas time

Dear customers and partners,

The Christmas holidays are approaching rapidly, and Consilium wishes you a great and healthy time!

Please note that on 24 and 31 December we are only reachable per e-mail and our response time may be a bit longer than usual. On all other working days we are available, as usual, from 09:00 to 17:30 hours.

All best wishes,

The Consilium Team

Phone: +31 10 4400560 (General), +31 10 4400570 (Support)

E-mail Supportdesk:

Release evasys v8.2

A new version of evasys is now available for current and new users of the system! This version 8.2 holds various new and improved functions.

For starters, the features of the new HTML report have been enhanced. Filtered results (such as the results of different groups) now may be compared with eachother in the diagrams of the report.

Furthermore, the VividForms Editor (for questionnaire design) offers better navigation and a WYSIWYG display of the design template for online surveys. Also, the filter settings of a questionnaire now allow to display or hide certain answer options (so not only complete questions) depending on how a previous question has been answered. A completely new feature concerning questionnaire design is the ‘Piping’ function: the text of a given answer may be reused in the question or answer texts of a following question.

In addition, the SSO (Single Sign On) configuration has been streamlined and the integration with learning managements systems such as Canvas has been made easier.

More details and other new features are presented in the What’s New document that may be downloaded here.

For more information or a demonstration of evasys v8.2, we are at your service!

Cloud Standard, Cloud Premium or evasys Suite?

evasys is available in different variants and therefore it’s necessary to determine which edition best suits the anticipated use when acquiring the software: the traditional evasys Suite or one of the two Cloud versions (Standard or Premium).

A good insight into the differences between the three editions is given by the Comparison List. This brochure is now available for download, here!

What is valid for all variants: evasys is fully scalable and suitable for educational institutions of any type and size!

Of course we’d be happy to discuss with you which evasys edition is most suitable for your organization.