Reinforcing student engagement with the ‘Closing the Loop’ plug-in for evasys

Increasing student engagement is a challenge for many educational institutions. In the context of course evaluation, student engagement has different implications. When student engagement is low, response rates will be too. At the same time, student engagement – and therefore the response to course evaluations – will increase when participants receive proper feedback regarding course evaluations.

The Closing the Loop plug-in for evasys, developed by Consilium, facilitates the student feedback process and thus ‘closes the loop’ in the evaluation cycle, reinforcing student engagement.

Using the plug-in, course coordinators or teachers manage their feedback to students who have participated in a course evaluation or similar survey. After reviewing the evaluation results, feedback may be entered following a pre-defined template. Subsequently, the feedback report can be configured and distributed to the concerning survey participants.

Version 1 of the plug-in, compatible with evasys v9.1 or higher, is now available; Please contact us for the brochure with more information. If you feel ‘Closing the Loop’ may enhance your utilization of evasys, we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.