Clean up evasys with the Data Retention Module

Catering organizations who have been working with evasys for a longer time and are requiring a system clean-up due to a surplus of obsolete data, we present the Data Retention Module, now available on a licensing basis.

This plug-in, developed by Consilium, enables the automated deletion of evasys elements by means of configurable retention rules. Thus, you may for instance delete ‘all courses from periods before 31/12/2017’ or ‘delete all surveys that were closed 600 or more days ago’. Furthermore, complete subunits may be removed and it’s also possible to separately clean up questionnaires and course types.

The data deletion runs in the background and may be scheduled during hours when the system is being used less intensively (e.g. at night and in the weekend).

With the Data Retention Module you keep evasys lean & mean, and it’s easier to comply with GDPR and other data regulations. You’ll find more information in the brochure and of course we would be happy to discuss with you how the Data Retention Module can best be deployed in your evasys environment.